Slurry & Feeding Equipment

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Conor 2500 Gallon
(Item No. 2301)

recess tank, 30.5 wheels, LED lights, Sprung drawbar, year 2011 VGC

Superior 3000
(Item No. 2293)

barley bruiser, hydraulic discharge auger VGC

Teagle tomahawk 4040
(Item No. 2291)

round bale chopper, will handle silage or straw, 2 spouts, done very little work VGC

NC Super 3000
(Item No. 2274)

8 foot VGC

KIDD 4500
(Item No. 2216)

bale chopper, takes round or squares, done little work, electric in cab controls, 5 foot flywheel, will chop hay/ straw/ silage quickly, very tidy condition

Year: 2013
Kuhn 3560
(Item No. 2262)

straw bedder, silage feeder, single discharge spout, electric in cab controls, done very little work very tidy

Teagle Tomahawk 8500
(Item No. 2254)

year 2015, will handle round or square bales, electric controls, giraffe spout, immaculate condition

Redrock Solomix 10
(Item No. 2248)

10 cubic yard, rear elevator left or right, weigh cells New auger and knives

misc RMH tub feeder
(Item No. 2247)

12 cubic yard, weigh cells, rear elevator (only 1 year old) good auger and knives

strautmann Vertimix 900
(Item No. 2246)

tub feeder, 9 cubic yard capacity, front elevator left or right, weigh cells

Displaying 1 - 10 of 20 items
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