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McConnel PA 93E super slew
(Item No. 2239)

xtc controls, super slew, hydraulic oil cooler, HD head, A frame, Very tidy

Year: 2010
McConnel PA 48
(Item No. 2238)

4.8m reach, cable controls, T flails, 54HP head, fully independent hydraulics, Very tidy

misc ORSI 260 flail
(Item No. 2233)

8ft 6 inch flail topper, hydraulic side shift HD lug flails, can be mounted front or rear of tractor, working pefect

McConnel PA 53 hy reach
(Item No. 2226)

cable controls, 4 ft head, a frame, competition flails, EDS float system VGC

Fleming 6
(Item No. 2201)

6 foot fleming topper, semi off set, new and in stock

Year: 2019
McConnel PA55E
(Item No. 2098)

additional photos

Year: 2004
McConnell PA 5000T
(Item No. 2046)

v3 armrest joystick, 6m telescopic, bracket mounted, oil cooler, heavy duty head

McConnell PA55E
(Item No. 2043)

5.5m reach, 65HP head, electric switch box controls, T Flails, very tidy

McConnell PA65 T
(Item No. 1858)

McConnel PA 65T telescopic reach to 6.5m, orbital head, XTC controls, year 2010, 4 foot head 65HP

Displaying 1 - 9 of 9 items
Page: 1