P. Harrows & Drills

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Lemken Zirkon 10 - solitair 9
(Item No. 2241)

3m wide 24 rows of double disc coulters, following press wheels, hydraulic fan, pre emerg markers year 2011

Opico 4.5m grass seed sower
(Item No. 2224)

4.5m wide, hydraulic folding, stocks Turbojet air seeder, farmer owned, very tidy condition

Rabe pke power harrow,
(Item No. 2222)

3m power harrow, tines 75% packer roller, very tidy

Lemken zirkon 10
(Item No. 2221)

3m power harrow, quick fit tines 50% very tidy condition

Massey Ferguson 30 seed drill
(Item No. 2148)

grain and fertiliser, 2.4m wide, good or new pipes fitted, ready for work

Kuhn 3004 / LC302
(Item No. 2136)

3004 power harrow, year 2014, maxipacker, venta 3m air drill 2005, suffolk coulters, VGC

Amazone KE 3000 special
(Item No. 2128)

3m power harrow, packer roller, still on original tines (50%), immaculate condition

Year: 2015
Lemken zirkon 10 -400
(Item No. 2118)

4 m folding power harrow, new quick fit tines, fully checked over

Kuhn HR 3004
(Item No. 2084)

3m power harrow, maxi packer, heavy duty, quick fit tines 75%, VGC

Year: 2013
Massey Ferguson 30
(Item No. 1971)

3m seed drill, 23 row close spacing, end tow kit, tramline kit, grain and fertiliser, full set of pipes, ready for the field

Displaying 1 - 10 of 13 items
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