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Lemken Zirkon 10 - solitair 9
(Item No. 2241)

3m wide 24 rows of double disc coulters, following press wheels, hydraulic fan, pre emerg markers year 2011

Wrag commander
(Item No. 2240)

7 functions, hydraulic side tilt, rear tilt, side shift, rock spike, year 2017, never been used

McConnel PA 93E super slew
(Item No. 2239)

xtc controls, super slew, hydraulic oil cooler, HD head, A frame, Very tidy

Year: 2010
McConnel PA 48
(Item No. 2238)

4.8m reach, cable controls, T flails, 54HP head, fully independent hydraulics, Very tidy

RMH tub feeder
(Item No. 2237)

12 cubic yard, rear elevator left or right, weigh cells, good auger, VGC

Redrock Solomix
(Item No. 2236)

10 cubic yard, rear elevator, new auger, VGC

Hi Spec V10
(Item No. 2235)

10 cubic yard tub feeder, front elevator,(slides Left and Right) weigh cells, immaculate condition

Woods 14 x 7.6
(Item No. 2234)

dropside trailer c/w bale extension, 500 tyres 8 stud axles, in stock

misc ORSI 260 flail
(Item No. 2233)

8ft 6 inch flail topper, hydraulic side shift HD lug flails, can be mounted front or rear of tractor, working pefect

McHale McHale 991 HS
(Item No. 2232)

Hi Speed round bale wrapper, twin dispensers, 4000 bales only immaculate condition

Year: 2013